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Caring for your Naya

We recommend that you rinse your swimsuit immediately after use.

Do not tumble dry, iron and dry clean.

Cold hand wash only.

Avoid contact with rough surfaces as this may cause damage your swimsuit.

We recommend that you do not wear your swimsuit in spa baths, as it could cause damage to your Naya.

Some sunscreen lotions and tanning oils may stain your swimsuit.

Celebrating the Sweet Things in Life

Naya Swimwear is a way to express my vision of women all over the world, in all sizes and colors, wearing my art – my “Naya Girls”. I started my swimwear line with a vision to create a brand that reflects my own personality but also enables women and girls to share their own vision with me, to feel beautiful, trendy, optimistic and comfortable, especially when we are most vulnerable – in a bikini.