Imagine a world where the beauty and power of the ocean goes hand in hand with the art of design. We live and breath this every day. We are guided by a passion to create sea treasures made of unique, one-of-a-kind, original hand drawn designs.

Life is better when you’re a Naya Girl

Hi beautiful Naya Girl! I’m Netta, Founder and Head Designer of Naya Swimwear. I began creating with a passion to bring color and freedom to be who you are to every girl. I hand draw and paint each of Naya Swimwear’s special prints, and bring my rich understanding of textiles and printmaking to each of my creations. I design my swimwear with a deep appreciation for nature and it’s colors. I believe that every woman deserves to feel like the most beautiful woman at the beach.

Naya Swimwear is a way to express my vision of women all over the world, in all sizes and colors, wearing my art – my “Naya Girls”. I started my swimwear line with a vision to create a brand that reflects my own personality but also enables women and girls to share their own vision with me, to feel beautiful, trendy, optimistic and comfortable, especially when we are most vulnerable – in a bikini.